The Baskets

Handwoven + Unique + Versatile


These beautifully crafted, individually handwoven, one of a kind African Bolga Baskets come from the talented artisans of Bolgatanga, a town in the Upper East Region of Ghana.


The baskets are woven using sun-dried elephant grass, which grows abundantly in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. The tough nature of the grass, together with the skilful weaving of the artisans, makes these unique & versatile keepsakes strong, durable and flexible.


The majority of the grass is hand-dyed using traditional natural dyes, derived from plants and minerals. To achieve contemporary colours, a non toxic fabric dye is used.


The handles are made from double woven 100% leather.


Here at LINK & Luna we work very closely with our suppliers to bring you an ethically sourced, great quality product. By purchasing these products, you don’t just empower these gifted artisans, but also contribute to sustainable development, preserving traditional skills and promoting ethically produced goods and work practices, ensuring that this art form & legacy get’s passed down for generations to come.