Are we fair trade?

No, we don't have the fair trade stamp of approval, but they are ethically sourced... But what does that mean exactly I hear you ask? Well, we give all our weavers a fair price for their creations. Most of our regular weavers work from home or within a community co op and others are found at the local artisan markets. After the baskets are woven, the weavers present their creations and are paid their asking price upfront. Doing business with the local artisans like this circulates cash flow within the community and empowers individuals, families and the entire local economy. Nothing can be fairer than this.


How do I reshape my Moses basket?

Please see our basket info page.


Do we ship internationally?

Of course. The cost is calculated at the time of shipping. 


Is there an age limit/restriction/recommendation for the Moses baskets?

Please see our basket SAFETY page for all safety instructions. 


Is there a weight limit/restriction/recommendation for the Moses baskets?

We DO NOT recommend carrying baby in basket. As we strongly advise against using the Moses basket as a carrying device, we therefore do not specify a weight limit for baby. Please see our basket SAFETY page for all safety instructions.


If I email you directly, can I choose or place an order for my favourite colour basket?

Unfortunately not. No two baskets are the same and suppliers do not take requests. Please see our basket info page for more details.


Why are moses baskets listed as sold out?

Whilst we endeavour to keep our stock as full as possible, we sometimes only have 1 basket in any given colour due to the one of kind nature of the baskets. Please bear with us whilst we restock. To keep up to date with our preview stock and restock dates you can either follow @link_and_luna or "join the journey" at the bottom of the page.


Is it normal for the colouring of the basket to be different than pictured? 

Yes. Please see out basket info page for more details. 


Do the moses baskets come with an insert/mattress pad?

Yes, each Moses basket comes with a mattress pad. Our baby moses basket mattresses are made in Australia and provide ultimate comfort and protection. They are:

- Superior support mattress

- Environmentally friendly

- Free of harmful chemicals

- Removable cover

- Mother and baby friendly

The foam in this Baby Moses Basket mattress has been treated with Purify Anti-Microbial or Perma-Guard. These environmentally sound processes provide long lasting protection against:

- Microbes

- Bacteria

- Dust mites

- Mould & mildewStandard sized bassinet sheets will fit these mattresses. 

Please see our basket SAFETY page for more info.


What materials are the baskets made of?

Our baskets are handmade with elephant grass that is harvested by hand, properly sanitized by the weavers and coloured using natural dyes derived from plants and minerals. The 100% leather handles are double woven.


Where do the baskets come from? And who makes them?

These beautifully crafted African Bolga Baskets are made from the talented artisans of Bolgatanga, a town in the Upper East Region of Ghana.