Moses Basket Safety

Whilst in use, DO NOT place the Moses basket on an elevated surface. It is recommended to keep it on the floor/ground when baby is inside. Please place the handles of the basket in an outward position when in use. 
DO NOT move/carry the basket if your baby is inside of it. DO NOT attach toys or place toys with strings or cords in or around the basket. It is advised to NOT allow pets and/or other children to climb into the basket while your baby is inside. DO NOT leave infant unattended.
The Moses basket is designed for newborns. Once your baby is able to push up or roll over or crawl, please seek alternative bedding.
Each Moses basket comes with it’s own custom fit mattress which is individually made to order to the exact dimensions of YOUR basket. Use ONLY the bedding provided. DO NOT use the mattress/bedding with any other moses basket or bassinet.
Unless otherwise advised by your physician, it is recommended by Red Nose that all infants be placed on their backs to sleep TO REDUCE THE RISK OF SIDS.
KEEP BASKET & INFANT AWAY from ALL fires, flames, heaters and ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury.