Basket Info

All of our beautiful baskets are truly, ONE OF A KIND.

No two baskets are ever the same. In colour, design or size. Please keep in mind that colours may vary between devices you use to browse our range. Please also keep in mind that due to the handmade nature of the product, slight imperfections or marks are normal and will only add to the character of your new heirloom.


Your basket has been on a long and eventful journey, all the way from Ghana to you. I have taken great care in shaping your basket for you but should it need re shaping once it arrives you will need to do so before use. 


Reshaping is easy. If you have ordered a Moses or Market basket, simply wet any kinks with hot water and on a flat surface, use your hands to mold back into the desired shape. The market basket can be rolled along the flat surface to reshape with ease. It is recommended to remove tags before you do this.