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    The Market Bag

    Made from 100% cotton The Market Bag is here as a stylish and eco friendly replacement to the plastic (and Green) bag. Ahhhhh FINALLY!!!

    Bringing back the old school style of the original French string bag, The Market Bag is stylish (of course!) but it's also super convenient - winning! Roll it up into a ball, tie it in a knot or do the ol' shove one inside the other trick. Either way, you can keep a couple in your handbag (or Basket :p ) or a few in your car and never go plastic again - YES!

    But how much can it hold? I'm glad you asked. The smart net-like design allows our re-usable market bags to stretch and hold the same volume as a standard-size plastic grocery bag and like all of our LINK & Luna products, it's versatile. Don't feel like grocery shopping today? Take it to the beach instead... (don't mind if I do).

    The Market Bag is available in Natural, Black and Blue or you can buy ALL THREE colours as a trio.


    Want to SAVE SOME MONEY ?! Buy a few more for those bigger grocery shops or give Mother Earth a present by gifting to family and friends.

    Buy THREE at $12 each 

    Buy SIX at $9 each

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    From $14.00
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